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There are three categories of kills within the game. These are:

  • Preventable
  • Penetrating
  • Unstoppable

Some abilities and items are able to kill and each can be categorised into one of these types.

Preventable Kills

These kills are preventable with armour or protection of some kind. If a player is targeted by a preventable kill ability or item and they have suitable protection, the kill will not be successful. The attempt still happens, recording a visit, and any consumable/one-use effects will be exhausted.

List of roles that perform preventable kills

List of items that perform preventable kills

Penetrating Kills

These kills are not preventable by normal protection. The only thing that will prevent a target dying from penetrating kills is Night Immunity or Enduring.

List of roles that perform penetrating kills

List of items that perform penetrating kills

Almost Unstoppable Kills

There are some kills which are (almost) unstoppable by any means and will even go through night immunity. However, an Elder can survive this type of kill, as can those with an Enduring or Tough aura.

List of roles that perform unstoppable kills

List of items that perform unstoppable kills

Other types of death


Smite occurs when a player breaks the rules in some way and is not performed by any player but instead the target is killed by the game itself. A smite will also occur if a player fails to vote for two consecutive days. Nothing stops smite from killing the player as it is effectively the moderator killing them.


Execution occurs at the end of the day phase where the player with the most valid votes will die, unless prevented by certain role abilities or items.

See Execution for more details.