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The meeting place of the Wolfpack, hidden from the members of the village.

The Wolfpack are an evil-aligned faction whose primary win condition is to kill all evil factions and gain voting control. They are the "killers" with members having their own night chat to plot. Members of the Wolfpack can decide at night who to kill and which killing role should take the kill. There are some roles like Alphawolf and Bloodthirster which can give the Wolfpack an additional kill at night.

The Wolfpack often consists of killing Wolves (Werewolf, Alphawolf, Shapeshifter, Bloodthirster, Omegawolf) and Wolves with special non-killing night actions (Bloodhound, Bloodletter, Direwolf). Since the Wolfpack always needs a wolf capable of taking the night kill, if there are no killing Wolves left at night, then one of the Wolves with special powers will revert to a normal Werewolf so they can take the kill. The Bloodletter reverts before the Bloodhound, which reverts before the Direwolf.

The Wolfpack have two sub-factions: The Bloodmoon Cult and The Wulfkin Clans.


The basic Wolfpack role is called Werewolf. This role can kill at night and is the default role given to the members of The Wolfpack faction.

The following is a list of all standard Wolfpack roles.

Uncommon Roles