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The Unofficial "How To Play"

This is an unofficial guide to the online Werewolf game. It's community made and represents the collective game knowledge of the players. This means that not everything here can be considered "canon" but is usually very accurate. New roles, items and mechanics are documented as they are encountered and may change significantly as they are developed, before being added to the official How to Play.

New players should start with the New Player Guide

If you are looking for information about a specific part of the game you can find that below:

You may also find these pages useful:

Editing the Wiki

It's especially helpful if you can add the role text, item text and the moderator messages from abilities and items to the relevant pages, as and when you get them.

To edit the wiki you will need an account and it's best if you follow the Style Guide to ensure your page/edits are consistent with the rest of the site.


There are some general rules that you must follow:

1) You must keep your account name the same as your account on or Discord

To edit a page you need to make an account. To make an account you must use the same name as your account on or the discord server.

2) Do not edit or create a page whilst you are in an active game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For example if you have a new role or item you must wait until after the game has finished to add it to the wiki.

3) Do not copy/paste from the official How to Play.

You must write your own text and description, rather than copying from the official H2P. Text from in-game (e.g role text, item text etc) is okay to copy/paste exactly as it is in the game.