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A player's win condition is tied to their role, faction and sub-faction. There are broad win conditions that apply at a faction level but these may be altered or added to by that player's role or sub-faction - potentially even changing mid-game in some cases.

General Win Conditions

The main win conditions of different factions are listed below.


Kill all evil-doers

This is the base win condition for village-aligned players. It does not matter whether evils are Executed or killed at night, if there are no evil players left at the start or end of a a day, the game ends and anyone with this win condition is victorious.

Coven, Demon, Undead, Wolfpack

Kill all other evils

Reach voting parity with the village

The base win condition for evil factions is twofold - they must eliminate all other evil players in order to win, and they must reach voting parity with the village for the game to end naturally.

Vampire, Vampire Countess, Vampire Master

Reach voting parity with the village

Unlike other evil factions, Vampires only require voting parity to win the game. They do not need to eliminate other evil players.


Acquire 50% of all items in the game before it ends

Outlaws have their own unique win condition. They can win with any faction, so long as they are holding onto at least 50% of all items in the game before it ends.

Sub-facton Win Conditions

The win conditions for the different sub-factions are listed below.


Destroy the Masons/Illuminati before the game ends

If both factions are in, members of the Masons and the Illuminati need to reduce the other faction down to one member or less in order to win with the Village.


Eliminate all Heretics before the game ends

Members of the Inquisition require all Witchcraft users to be dead before the game ends in order to win with the Village.

Role Specific Win Conditions

Bloody Holly

In order to win, Bloody Holly needs to survive until the end of the game in order to win with any evil faction.

Essence Thief/Displaced

In order for the Essence Thief to win, they must successfully steal a role and not get caught by the Displaced.

In order for the Displaced to win, they must successfully retrieve their stolen role from the Essence Thief.

King Taker

In order to win, the King Taker must be in a "final three" situation (exactly three people alive, no more or less).

Rude Dolph Lundgren

In order to win, Rude Dolph Lundgren needs to get Santa Claws killed in order to win with the Wolfpack.


In order to win, the Tanner needs to get lynched. Dying in any other way will not count as a victory.