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Voting parity is when one faction has an equal number of votes as the other remaining players.

Most of the evil factions have one of their win conditions to reach vote parity because at this point, if they are the only evil team left in the game, they can effectively tie the vote indefinitely and the Village faction will never be able to win. In some cases this isn't necessarily true - for example if the village are able to kill at night with an Item or have a role like Militia who is yet to use their ability, however the game will still end if the evil team reaches parity and they have met their other win condition (which is usually to kill all other evil factions).

In some games an evil might reach effective vote parity through vote manipulation or subfactions. This might occur in the case where the Coven have a Harpy who is able to use their ability to silence a village vote. The game will not end at this point, even if no other evil team exists, because the Coven don't have true parity and so will continue indefinitely until someone dies or otherwise removes the ability of the Harpy. A different scenario where this might happen is if the Wolfpack and Bloodmoon Cult combined equal the village but because BMC members count towards the village for parity purposes, the game doesn't end automatically. In these cases the game might be ended by a moderator, or if the village still have ways to combat the evil teams it will continue until someone reaches true parity or another faction meets their win condition.

Parity Contribution







Village Village Village
Masons Village Masons
Illuminati Village Illuminati
The Inquisition Village The Inquisition
The Citadel Village The Citadel
Wolfpack Wolfpack Wolfpack
Bloodmoon Cult Village Wolfpack
Coven Coven Coven
Undead Undead Undead
Vampires Vampires Vampires
Demons Demons Demons
Bretheren of Blight Village Demons
Damned Village Any Evil
Outlaws Village Any faction

In addition to these factions, there are individual Neutrals who are attempting to reach their own win condition. Any individual neutral player counts towards village parity.

Changing Parity

As well as killing a player to attempt to work towards parity, evil teams sometimes have ways to change the parity contribution of a player in a positive way for themselves, for example through recruiting or transforming them into their faction - removing one from the village parity, whilst adding one to their own.

Roles That Change Parity Contribution

Items That Change Parity Contribution