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The Damned have no unique roles for their faction. Instead, they can be any normal village role, except their alignment appears as "Damned Villager". In addition, while they count towards village parity, they win when any evil faction wins the game.

The damned aura can also be assigned to any evil or neutral player. They still show as "Damned Villager" but count towards their own factions parity.

Some evil factions can recruit a damned role directly into their faction, changing them into the basic role of that faction.

The Brethren Shepherd can only recruit damned players for the Brethren of Blight.

The Temptress can recruit damned players for the Coven, instead of their usual ability.

The Voodoo Doctor can recruit damned players for the Undead, instead of their usual ability.

Useful Notes

  • Damned still win with any evil when they are dead.
  • If an evil player is damned they can't be recruited by the above mentioned factions.
  • Since Damned players have a different alignment than normal, their alignment tarot card is Chains instead of what they would normally have.