Warg's Bracer

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The Warg's Bracer is an item that will protect you from one wolf (Maple Wolf or Wolfpack) kill. If the holder is either a member of the Bloodmoon Cult or have been afflicted with Lycanthropy from the Sanguine Horn then they will be converted into a wolf and join the wolfpack as a Werewolf.

Item Attributes
This item is: Consumable
This item is: Passive
This item affects Alignment checks of the holder to show as: No
Is this item craftable by another role or item: No
Does this item make the holder look like a Witchcraft user: No
Does this item make the holder look like a killer: No
Does using this item cause the player to be seen Visiting another player: No
Can this item be used on yourself, or when activated, produces a self-visit: No
Can the ability of this item be Item-Blocked: No
Does this item affect Night Immune targets: No
Is this item available to private hosts: Yes
Is this item included in wlf games: No

The aura that a player holding this item presents to an Aura Seer would be:

Auras Present

Item Text

Bracers such as this were gifted by the wolf gods centuries ago to the mortal archers that fought on their side as reward and insurance for their service.It is imbued with magic that ensures should any wolf ever cause harm to its wearer, the wearer would be given the strength of the wolf themselves.

Usage Text

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Useful Notes

  • The Warg's Bracer is consumed upon a sucessful conversion.


  • Novemeber 2020 - the Warg's Bracer no longer converts any player to a wolf and requires lycanthropy or Bloodmoon membership to do so.