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A visit is when one player performs an action on another player. For example, when a Seer checks a target, the Seer is considered to be visiting their target. This is also the case for when the Wolfpack take their nightly kill.

Visiting Checks

Below is a list of roles and items that can see visits, either by targeting another player or by seeing visitors to themselves.

Roles that check visits

Items that check visits

Self Visiting

A self-visit is when a role performs an action on themselves, or activates an ability that doesn't target another player. A common self-visit is when a Shapeshifter chooses to shift, or when a Protector chooses to protect themselves. These visits cannot be seen by Stalkers or anything that works like a Stalker. However, a Harlot can see a self-visit.

Roles that check self-visits

Items that can check self-visits