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There are many different types of games on and are delininated by a three letter prefix, followed by a number - e.g ABC-001

Public Long-form Games

These game types are long-format (12-hour days, 12-hour nights) and are official games created by the Moderator.


Format: ext-xxx

Ext stands for "extended" and are the most popular gametype for experienced players. These games can involve any faction and any item within the game. Players must have played and completed at least two "wlf" games before being allowed to play in an ext.

There is one ext game per week and it usually begins on a Sunday.


Format: wlf-xxx

Wlf is short for "Wolf" and are the introductory/simpler format of village versus werewolves. Although they are intended as an introduction to the site, experienced players may play too as it has a simple format with limited roles and fewer items/auras. Wlf games generally are wolves versus the village.

Wlf games start automatically once a certain threshold of players have joined and remained active within the pre-game lobby. A score is given to each player by the site based on experience and how active they have been on the site within the last 24-hours. This score will gradually increase until it is high enough for the game to begin.


Format: boo-xxx

This game type is run once per year around Halloween. It often contains unusual roles and items created just for this event, such as Frankenstein


Format: xms-xxx

This game type is run once per year around Christmas. It often contains unusual roles and items created just for this event, such as Elf and Safety Ossifer

Public Speed Games

Speed games are short-form games with day/night lasting a few minutes.


Format: bot-xxx

These games are automatically created by a bot which creates a setup based on how many players wish to play a speed game. To request a bot game users must join the #Speed-games channel on Discord and run the bot command of "$$spud"


Format: spd-xxx

These games are speed games that are curated by the Moderator - often used in the Spudcast events.

Private Games

There are many different prefixes for games that have been run as private/user created games - both of long-format and speed games. They will have a three-letter prefix chosen by the player for their types of game.

Hosts for these games have access to a large number of the available roles, but not all. Roles are bought from the Shop using Credits. There are some longstanding hosts who have been given special access to certain roles and items over time that are not available in the shop, so it's not definite that a game from a host only uses roles and items available to everyone, but is commonly the case.