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On its own, being a user of Witchcraft has no inherent abilities. However, there are some abilities that interact with roles that are Witchcraft users. A Witchcraft user can be village aligned or evil.

Witchcraft checks

Roles that check for Witchcraft

Items that check for Witchcraft

Check Modifiers

A common way for the Witchcraft check to be modified is by the Spellbound status. Some of the following uses this mechanic.

Roles that modify Witchcraft checks

Items that modify Witchcraft checks

Auras that modify Witchcraft checks

Witchcraft Interactions

Some roles and items interact with (or the lack thereof) Witchcraft users beyond identifying if they are a user or not. A notable example is The Inquisition which requires all Witchcraft users to be dead in order to win.

Roles that interact with Witchcraft

Items that interact with Witchcraft