Witch Hunter

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The Witch Hunter can check a player each night to find out if they are a user of Witchcraft or not. If their check does see them as a magic user, they are marked. Marked players can be visited a second time at which point they are killed. This kill is Penetrating.

Role Attributes
Their Win Condition is the same as: Village
Alignment checks will show this role as: Village
Their Parity Contribution is towards: Village
Is their Witchcraft status reported as a witchcraft user: No
Is their Killer Status reported as killer: Yes
Can they be seen Visting another player with any of their abilities: Yes
Are they capable of Self-Visting: No
Does this role have an ability that can be Role-Blocked: Yes
Can the ability of this role be Redirected: Yes
Is this role Night Immune: No

The cards that could be drawn by the Novice Tarot Reader for this role are:

Novice Tarot Reader Cards
Their alignment card is: Dove
Their killer card is: Death
Their witchcraft card is: Labourer

Role Text

You are a Witch Hunter. Once per night you can check to see whether your target uses magic, and choose to kill those that do.
Lynch all evil doers
Special Abilities
You may check players at night to see whether they use witchcraft or not
Once you find a witchcraft user, you can trace them through shapeshifts and Djinn-swaps
If you visit witchcraft user again during the night, you will kill them
Evil witchcraft users: All Coven Roles (including Puppets) and Shapeshifters
Good witchcraft users: Seers, Protectors, Revivers, Beholders, Tarot Readers

Ability message

When you select a target who isn't already marked, you will receive the following message:

Tonight you will check if <AvatarName> uses witchcraft or not

If you select a marked target, you will receive the following message:

Tonight you will kill <AvatarName>

In the morning, you will receive the following message:

<AvatarName> uses witchcraft


<AvatarName> does not use witchcraft

You won't get a report if you decide to kill a player.

Useful Notes

  • The marks get refreshed at the start of each night phase, so the Witch Hunter will be able to see swaps that happened the night before.
  • A swap between two marked players won't be visible to a Witch Hunter
  • If you die, your marks will not refresh anymore. The same happens if your role changes (i.e. If a Vampire recruits you, or you are purged by an Alchemist).