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When someone is role-blocked, their actions is considered to not have happened. Therefore, they will not been seen visiting anyone, and if their role has limited uses (such as a Militia) the use is not consumed. In addition, a role that normally cannot visit their previous target (such as a Protector) would be able to attempt another visit on the following night.

When someone is role-blocked, they receive the following message:

You were role-blocked last night, your night action did not take place.

This message is still sent even if the target had done no night actions.

Night Immune roles and role-blocking roles do not receive the role-block message in the morning.

If a player is role-blocked from more than one source, they will receive an extra role-block message per extra source.

Role-Block cannot stop items from being passed or used.

Sources of Role-Block

Roles that can Role-Block

Items that can Role-Block

Sources of Immunity

Roles that are immune to Role-Block

Items that cause Role-Block immunity

Auras that cause Role-Block immunity