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The Novice Parrot Reader is a version of the Novice Tarot Reader but instead of the player reading the cards, your pet parrot is the novice tarot reader and relays their checks to you in the form of squawks and other parrot noises.

Each game the parrot's language is randomised and assigned to each card that the Novice Tarot Reader could possibly draw.

Role Attributes
Their Win Condition is the same as: Village
Alignment checks will show this role as: Village
Their Parity Contribution is towards: Village
Is their Witchcraft status reported as a witchcraft user: Yes
Is their Killer Status reported as killer: No
Can they be seen Visting another player with any of their abilities: Yes
Are they capable of Self-Visting: No
Does this role have an ability that can be Role-Blocked: Yes
Can the ability of this role be Redirected: Yes
Is this role Night Immune: No

The cards that could be drawn by the Novice Tarot Reader for this role are:

Novice Tarot Reader Cards
Their alignment card is: Dove
Their killer card is: Dove
Their witchcraft card is: Magician

Role Text

You are a Novice Parrot Reader. Your pet, Polly will let you know what they think of two players each night

Eliminate all evil doers
Special Abilities
Polly always uses the same words to mean the same thing

Ability Message

When you select your first target, you receive the following message:

Tonight you will read squawks for <AvatarName> - pick another target

When you select your second target, you receive the following message:

Tonight you will read squawks for <AvatarName> and <AvatarName2>

In the morning, you will receive the following message informing you of the results:

The five parrot squawks you see are <Squawk1>, <Squawk2>, <Squawk3>, <Squawk4>, <Squawk5>.

Possible Parrot Noises

Each game the parrot's language is randomly assigned to possible Novice Tarot Reader cards. The current known possible parrot noises are:

  • Cawkcawk
  • Aww
  • Raw
  •  :)
  •  :(
  • Ca
  • Squaw
  • Caw
  • Awk

Useful Notes

  • Each game the Novice Parrot Reader will have different language assigned to their reads
  • In a game with multiple Novice Parrot Readers, each player will have their language mapped individually - making it very unlikely that two NPRs get the same read from the same player.