Blood Priest

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The Blood Priest

The Blood Priest is able to perform the Rite of Fenrir on a target each night. If the target is afflicted with Lycanthropy and is also killed by a Wolf on the same night, the target will be converted to a Werewolf and join the Wolfpack.

Role Attributes
Their Win Condition is the same as: Wolfpack
Alignment checks will show this role as: Wolfpack
Their Parity Contribution is towards: Village
Is their Witchcraft status reported as a witchcraft user: Yes
Is their Killer Status reported as killer: No
Can they be seen Visting another player with any of their abilities: Yes
Are they capable of Self-Visting: No
Does this role have an ability that can be Role-Blocked: Yes
Can the ability of this role be Redirected: Yes
Is this role Night Immune: No
Is this role available to private hosts: Yes
Is this role included in wlf games: Yes

The cards that could be drawn for this role by any role or item that deals with tarot cards are:

Tarot Cards
Their alignment card is: Hound
Their killer card is: Dove
Their witchcraft card is: Magician

Role Text

You are a Blood Priest. You can perform a magical rite on anyone afflicted with Lycanthropy.
You win if the werewolves win
All Bloodmoon Cult members are afflicted with Lycanthropy
You count as village aligned for victory parity calculations
Special Abilities
The Rite of Fenrir will turn a player into a werewolf if they are attacked by a werewolf that night
The Rite only works if the target is afflicted by Lycanthropy

Ability Message

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Useful Notes

  • The Blood Priest must mark a target afflicted with Lycanthropy (either a Bloodmoon Cult member, or someone afflicted with Lycanthropy from the blowing of the Sanguine Horn) AND that player must be killed by a Wolf (Wolfpack or Maple Wolf) the same night to convert them into a Wolf. If conversion is successful, the player killed when marked with the Rite of Fenrir will become a Werewolf and join the Wolfpack's chat the following night. Neither the Blood Priest nor the killing Wolf will get a message about whether the conversion was successful or not, but the target turned into a Wolf will get a morning message confirming their conversion.
  • The Blood Priest cannot cast the Rite of Fenrir on themselves.
  • They can mark the same person on successive nights.