Obelisk of Blight

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The Obelisk of Blight's location is a secret that the Brethren Shepherd guards jealously, denying all others the right to have their soul be touched by a powerful demonic presence.

The Obelisk of Blight is an item used by the Brethren of Blight and can be worshipped in order to gain power along with other demon-related acts. Once the Obelisk reaches its required power, it transforms two other players into the Shadowcaster and the Demon Prince. If a Damned or Bretheren member is holding the Sceptre of Darkness they are transformed into the Shadowcaster, whilst the holder of the Heart of Hades in the same circumstances will become the Demon Prince. Both items have to be held by different players meeting the correct conditions and the Obelisk has to be at full power when activated.

There are four ways to power up the Obelisk:

  • 1 point per blighted player
  • 2 points per Brethren Member
  • 6 points for worshipping the Obelisk
  • 12 points if a blighted player is executed

Only the Brethren Shepherd may worship the Obelisk and if they do, they are role-blocked.

Item Attributes
This item is: Persistent
This item is: Passive
This item affects Alignment checks of the holder to show as: No Change
Is this item craftable by another role or item: No
Does this item make the holder look like a Witchcraft user: No
Does this item make the holder look like a killer: No
Does using this item cause the player to be seen Visiting another player: No
Can this item be used on yourself, or when activated, produces a self-visit: No
Can the ability of this item be Item-Blocked: Yes
Does this item affect Night Immune targets: No
Is this item available to private hosts: No
Is this item included in wlf games: No

The aura that a player holding this item presents to an Aura Seer would be:

Auras Present

Item Text

The Obelisk of Blight collects the demonic energies created from your acts of worship. When it has collected enough of these energies the ritual to summon your demon masters to the mortal plane may be completed. You may worship at the Obelisk at night, adding more energies but roleblocking yourself

Usage Text

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Useful Notes