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Wakanda Forever

The Shadowcaster has two abilities which is determined by who they visit. If they visit a Demon aligned role, they will make them appear as Village to any Seer checks. If they visit anyone else, then they make them appear as a Demon to any Seer checks

Role Attributes
Their Win Condition is the same as: Demons
Alignment checks will show this role as: Demons
Their Parity Contribution is towards: Demons
Is their Witchcraft status reported as a witchcraft user: No
Is their Killer Status reported as killer: No
Can they be seen Visting another player with any of their abilities: Yes
Are they capable of Self-Visting: No
Does this role have an ability that can be Role-Blocked: No
Can the ability of this role be Redirected: No
Is this role Night Immune: Yes
Is this role available to private hosts: No
Is this role included in wlf games: No

The cards that could be drawn for this role by any role or item that deals with tarot cards are:

Tarot Cards
Their alignment card is: Brimstone
Their killer card is: Dove
Their witchcraft card is: Labourer

Role Text

You are a Shadowcaster. Aeons ago, your formless demonic spirit was able to possess the body of a powerful Warlock. Their powers combined with your own.

Kill all other factions
You immediately win if 50% of the village are demons, regardless of how many other factions remain
Special Abilities
You may visit fellow Demons to hide their identity from Seers
You may visit other players to make them appear as Demons to Seers
Your power improves if more people are blighted.
You are night immune

Ability Text

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Useful Notes