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Each day (excluding Day 1), the Village has the option of voting for a player to be executed (often referred to as lynching). At the end of the day, if a singular player has the most votes, then they are lynched. If more than one person has the most votes or "No Lynch" has the most votes, then the vote is tied and no lynch takes place.

There are some in-game effects that can alter this result, including lynching more than one person, or preventing a certain person from being lynched.

Execution Interaction

Roles that interact with Execution

Items that interact with Execution

Execution Messages

Below is a list of the various execution messages that can be seen when a player is lynched.

  • <AvatarName> was thrown to a pack of starving dogs to see if they could manipulate the canines with supernatural powers, they could not.
  • <AvatarName> had molten silver poured onto their head
  • <AvatarName> had each arm tied to a horse which were then made to gallop in different directions
  • <AvatarName> was nailed to a crucifix
  • <AvatarName> was tied up and suspended head first in a barrel of water
  • <AvatarName> was boiled alive in a large cauldron
  • <AvatarName> was made to drink hemlock to prove they had resistance to it, their body slowly succumbed to numbness
  • <AvatarName> was chopped to pieces left for the rats
  • <AvatarName> had rocks slowly piled onto them
  • <AvatarName> was up all night 'til the sun, up all night to have fun, up all night to get Lucky. Lucky turned out to be a very large and hungry bear. Lucky ate them.
  • <AvatarName> was stood up against a wall and shot by several villagers with muskets
  • <AvatarName> was crushed by the forth wall collapsing on them when the Mod ran out of execution text ideas

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