Rusty Crossbow

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The Rusty Crossbow is a single-use item that is able to perform a preventable kill on a player, however it has a 50% chance to backfire and kill the user instead.

Item Attributes
This item is: Consumable
This item is: Activated
This item affects Alignment checks of the holder to show as: No Change
Is this item craftable by another role or item: No
Does this item make the holder look like a Witchcraft user: No
Does this item make the holder look like a killer: Yes
Does using this item cause the player to be seen Visiting another player: Yes
Can this item be used on yourself, or when activated, produces a self-visit: Yes
Can the ability of this item be Item-Blocked: Yes
Does this item affect Night Immune targets: No
Is this item available to private hosts: Yes
Is this item included in wlf games: Unknown

The aura that a player holding this item presents to an Aura Seer would be:

Auras Present

Item Text

This crossbow has certainly seen better days. You should take great care when using it, it looks like it has a 50% chance of backfiring.

Usage Text

Tonight you will attempt to kill <AvatarName> with your rusty crossbow - good luck!

Useful Notes

  • The backfire is still a preventable kill which means adequately protected or night immune users will not die if it backfires.