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List of Auras visible to the Aura Seer
Order Name Cause
1 Bloodmark Targeted by a Bloodletter
2 UnholyEavesdropper Targeted by a Hell Helm
3 ThreatOfRetribution Holding an Ankh of Retribution
4 AvatarOfRetribution Activated an Ankh of Retribution
5 EnduringSpirit Holding an Ankh of Possession
6 PossessingSpirit Activated an Ankh of Possession
8 Isolated Isolated by an ElfIsolator
11 RiteOfFenrir Targeted by a Blood Priest
12 FenrirsPledge Holding a Warg's Bracer
13 BloodSoaked Holding a Bloody Wreath
14 WolfSkin Holding a Wolf Pelt
15 DemonicEssence Holding an Abyssal Armour
17 HoldingWeapon Holding any weapon (Crossbow, War Spear etc.)
22 CurseOfFenrir Affected by a Sanguine Horn
23 SecondChance Holding an Ankh of Reincarnation
24 ReincarnationSpell Activated an Ankh of Reincarnation
33 RunicAura Holding a Rune
34 Spellbound Targeted by a Temptress or a Staff of Bedazzlement
35 Whispers Targeted by a Hvísla Rune
40 Clumsy Applied by Moderator
41 Greedy Applied by Moderator
42 Vigilant Applied by Moderator
55 Poisoned Targeted by a Poisoned Darts or Wulfkin Assassin
56 PsychicCommuning Targeted by a Psychic
64 Blessed Targeted by a Priestess
65 Decay Targeted by a Lich
66 DemonicDarkness Targeted by a Shadowcaster or a Sceptre of Darkness
67 ContagiousBlight Carried by a Fanatic
68 Blighted Targeted by a Demon Lord
69 Inebriated Targeted by a Temptress or Potion of Inebriation
70 Damned Are a Damned role or a member of Bretheren of Blight
71 Merry Applied by Moderator or Elvish
72 Pollymorphed Forced avatar swap by a Potion of Pollymorph
73 SpittingFeathers Forced speech change by a Potion of Pollymorph
74 ImImmortl Forced speech change by an EssenceOfTheAncientOne
75 Crippled Caught by a Bear Trap
76 PrimedBearTrap Is protected by a Bear Trap
77 Concussion Targeted by a War Hammer
78 Maimed Targeted by a War Axe
83 Cursed Result of a Midnight Council Decision
88 Weakness Targeted by a Potion of Weakness
90 StrongNeck Holding an Iron Collar
91 PaxDemocracia Holding an Amulet of Peace
96 Shadow Targeted by a Shadowcaster
97 StrengthOfFenrir Holding a Heart of Fenrir
98 Tenacious Holding a Ring of Tenacity or Potion of Tenacity used on player
99 Shadow Holding a Veil of Shadows
100 MartyrsProtection Guarded by a Martyr's Crown
113 CouncilMember Member of the Midnight Council
200 OverrunByRats Targeted by a Vermin Talisman
201 PlaguedBySnakes Targeted by a Vermin Talisman
400 Ancestral Lycanthropy Applied by Moderator, able to be recruited into by a Child of Acer
420 AbysmalProtection Holding an Abysmal Armour
440 Whispering Holding a Whispering Orb
666 Doomed Applied by Moderator
999 Vulnerability Targeted by a Potion of Vulnerability
??? Resilience Targeted by a Potion of Resilience
??? Enduring Applied by Moderator
??? Incriminated Targeted by a Potion of Incrimination
??? Tough Applied by Moderator