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When a role is inebriated, it means they have a chance to fail to complete their role action during the night. Unlike a role-block they still perform the visit.

The chance of being inebriated is 2 in 5. However, every result you get removes that specific option from the equation (so if you got a hangover result on your first check, then the chance of being inebriated is now 1 in 4. If you had a successful first check, then the chance of being inebriated would be 2 in 4). Once you have rolled 4 options, leaving only one option (drunk or sober) the drunk chance resets. Therefore, you get 4 results (either a check or a hangover) before you start over again.

Some village roles start inebriated and are clearly known to the player via their role name (Drunk Seer for example).

If an intel role is inebriated and gets a hangover result, but a Beholder has used their ability on them the Beholder still gets the correct information.

A player that is Inebriated has an aura that can be seen by an Aura Seer. However, roles that start Inebriated do NOT have this aura.

Night Immune roles are unaffected by Inebriation but still receive the warning message informing them that they have been targeted.

Sources of Inebriation

Roles that cause Inebriation

Items that cause Inebriation