Midnight Council

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The Midnight Council

The Midnight Council is a cross-faction secret committee that meets once per night to make critical decisions about the fate of the village.

The council does not appear in every game as not every village has a council. The village must have a Founder in order for the council to exist.

The council do not get any shared night-chat.


At some point (usually N1 or N2) every living player is given a Midnight Council Ballot item which allows them to nominate another player to be appointed to the council. The votes are tallied, with ties being broken randomly, and the next day the successful players are notified by a message from the moderator informing them of their election victory.

You have been granted a seat on the Midnight Council.

Votes from the Midnight Council Ballot are not seen as visits and cannot be redirected by the Succubus, though they can be redirect by the Avleda Rune.

Periodically (usually when an existing council member is killed) the council will get an Elect Members decision to choose how many new members to elect. The following night the whole village will get a chance to elect members again.

Council Decisions

Each night after the council is first elected they receive an item which give a decision to be made. Each council member has choices to vote for on each decision. Ties are broken randomly.

Known Decisions

The decisions may change and are not entirely known. Decisions seen in games so far are:

Council Paranoia

Members of the Council have begun to suggest that they are being followed at night and their lives are in danger There is some discussion about whether this is truly the case or not and the best course of action to take One option is to set bear traps around council members A second is to provide each council member with a dreamcatcher.
Option 1: Set Traps
Option 2: Give Dreamcatchers

Dark Bargain

A shadowy figure has approached the council to aid him in a forbidden ritual The stranger claims that they can bring a person back from the dead, at the cost of an innocent sacrifice If you choose to help the stranger, a random dead player will be revived, and a random villager-aligned player will be killed. In addition, the stranger promises to reward a member of the council If you choose to not help the stranger, he will curse the village, roleblocking up to six (randomly selected) living players the following night. The random selection process will be weighted to favour picking village aligned players, although not guaranteed A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Agree the Bargain
Option 2: Refuse the Bargain

Empower the Innocent

There are increasing calls from the village to help everyone feel safer. We could temporarily give people an increased say in our voting process, or pass out supplies from the armoury. If the council decides to empower voting, non-killers will have a 50% chance of having their vote amplified, killers will have a 50% chance of their vote being silenced. If the council decides to pass out supplies, non-killers will have a 33% chance of receiving a weapon, killers will have a 33% chance of receiving a defensive item. Killing status takes into account holding items that affect status.
Option 1: Empower Voting
Option 2: Distribute Items

Enhanced Enforcement

The continued nightly assaults have the village demanding that we do more to bring order We have two options - 1) Throw players that end the day with 4 or more votes in jail. Those jailed will be role+item blocked, but they will also be given protection from basic attacks 2) Give a single player who ended the day with 0 votes a crossbow (ties broken randomly) A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Jail the Untrusted
Option 2: Arm the Trusted

Forbidden Relics

Deeply concerned with current situation within the village, the Citadel's Custodian has approached the Council with an offer... He is prepared to unlock the deepest vaults we have and share the ancient relics amongst the Council so that they can use their unearthly powers to defend the village. You may 1) Accept the offer 2) Refuse and keep the relics locked up A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Accept
Option 2: Refuse

Raid the Stores

Being a council member gives access to some places off limits to the rest of the village. With no other council decisions to make tonight, you have decided to help yourself to one of the village stores. Be warned however - more activity in an area will alert the custodians to an issue, which will encourage them to set traps You may choose from 1) The Armour Store 2) The Artifact Store 3) The Potion Store 4) The Weapon Store This is an individual decision, not a joint council one.
Option 1: Armour
Option 1: Artifacts
Option 1: Potions
Option 1: Weapons

Supply the Council

We have some funds to procure some supplies in bulk for the council so we can aid the village. We must vote on whether to obtain Restoration Potions, Fjät Runes or Fela Runes. Whichever type is decided will be shared out amongst the council, with each member receiving one. A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Restoration Potions
Option 2: Fjät Runes
Option 3: Fela Runes

Suppress the Masses

The people are agitated from the recent disturbances and there are murmurs from some that the council is failing to do its job. We may have an open revolt on our hands if we don't squash it in its infancy, we need a return to order. We could attempt to regain control either at night or in the day. We have two options - 1) Use an incantation to Roleblock up to 10 players tomorrow night. Players are selected randomly, but village-aligned players are more likely to be selected. 2) Obscure all votes tomorrow, hiding who is voting for whom A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Roleblock
Option 2: Hide votes

Poisoned Food

We've discovered that some of our food supplies have been poisoned. We do not have enough non-contaminated supplies for everyone If we explain the situation and destroy the compromised food, we will agitate the village If we do nothing the players marked below will be poisoned. We've been able to get some antidote potions to some Council members, but sadly not enough to cover everyone A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Explain the situation
Option 2: Do nothing

Elect Members

A ballot will be given to each living player tomorrow to add new council member(s). You can vote on how many council members to add. A tie will be broken randomly.
Option 1: Elect one
Option 2: Elect Two