Potion of Pollymorph

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The Potion of Pollymorph is a single-use item that can change the avatar of the target into a Parrot and also alter their speech for the rest of the game.

Item Attributes
This item is: Consumable
This item is: Activated
This item affects Alignment checks of the holder to show as: No Change
Is this item craftable by another role or item: Yes
Does this item make the holder look like a Witchcraft user: No
Does this item make the holder look like a killer: No
Does using this item cause the player to be seen Visiting another player: Yes
Can this item be used on yourself, or when activated, produces a self-visit: Yes
Can the ability of this item be Item-Blocked: Yes
Does this item affect Night Immune targets: Yes
Is this item available to private hosts: No
Is this item included in wlf games: No

The aura that a player holding this item presents to an Aura Seer would be:

Auras Present

The auras that a player affected by this item presents to an Aura Seer would be:

Auras Present
Pollymorphed SpittingFeathers

Item Text

A Potion of Pollymorph allows you to turn a player into a parrot for the duration of a day

Usage Text

This information is missing, if you are able to add it please do so

Useful Notes

  • On the first day of the forced speech change, all their text will be converted into "bird talk" ("Caw", "Squawk", etc.). On the following days, their text will almost return to normal as the odd word will be replaced here and there.
  • The original avatar of the target "leaves the game" permanently.
  • Words are replaced on the following basis: single letter words become s, two letter words become ca, three letter words become caw, four letter words become rawk and words of 5 letters and above become squawk. Original capitalization in the first five letters is copied, any punctuation is moved to the end of the parroted word.