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The Priestess

The Priestess can visit one player each night and will cure them of all negative afflictions such as Poisoned and Inebriation. The target can be cured of multiple afflictions in a single visit and The Priestess is notified of what was removed.

In addition, the Priestess will bless their target, which becomes active only for the following night. A player who has the Blessed aura will role-block any player with an Undead alignment.

Role Attributes
Their Win Condition is the same as: Village
Alignment checks will show this role as: Village
Their Parity Contribution is towards: Village
Is their Witchcraft status reported as a witchcraft user: Yes
Is their Killer Status reported as killer: No
Can they be seen Visting another player with any of their abilities: Yes
Are they capable of Self-Visting: No
Does this role have an ability that can be Role-Blocked: Yes
Can the ability of this role be Redirected: Yes
Is this role Night Immune: No
Is this role available to private hosts: Yes
Is this role included in wlf games: No

The cards that could be drawn for this role by any role or item that deals with tarot cards are:

Tarot Cards
Their alignment card is: Dove
Their killer card is: Dove
Their witchcraft card is: Magician

Role Text

You are a Priestess. Once per night you may cleanse a player of any negative afflictions.
Lynch all evil doers
Special Abilities
Once per night may visit a player to cure them of any afflictions they may have
Your visit will bless a player. The blessing will be active the following night and last a single night, the blessed player will roleblock any unholy players that visit them
You will be notified if they had any afflictions you were able to remove

Ability Message

When you use your ability you see this text:

Tonight you will visit <AvatarName>

In the morning you see this text:

You have cleansed <AvatarName> of their affliction(s): <Affliction(s)>

Useful Notes

  • If a player has no afflictions, there will be no morning report.