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This page will list all known initiative orders for mechanics in the game.

Order of Night Actions

Some roles may influence the outcomes of other abilites during the Night. The order in which this is determined is listed below.

1) All redirects

2) All role-blocks

3) All Protection visits (Including roles and Items)

4) All other visits not covered by another category

5) All item stealing via roles and items

6) All kills and the item stealing associated with those kills

7) Report any visits to relevant roles/items

8) All item passing

9) All identity swapping

10) Report kills to the village (Public Mod Message)

11) Report revives to the village (Public Mod Message)


There is an order to which items are used and transferred between players. This is:

1) Use

2) Steal

3) Kill

4) Pass

So if Player A uses a crossbow, and Player B kills them the same night, the crossbow is used first and the killer does not receive it as it is a one-use item.

If Player A passes an item to Player B and Player C kills Player B, then player C gets all the items Player B had at the start of the night and sends the player to the graveyard, then Player A passes their item to a corpse. In this case the item ends up in the graveyard, still on the corpse of player B.

In the same example, if player C kills player A, the item is never passed and is stolen by player C - unless it was a consumable item used by player A already that night.