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Scenarios for test group to trial for in-play interactions.

  • Iron collar and Amulet with Furie/Zealot interactions
  • If a game starts with 5 wolves, but a BT is the only killing wolf, do any of the other wolves revert so that the pack can take two kills?
  • Can Night Immune roles be re-rolled with the Transmute Pot? Can Omega be re-rolled by the rest of the wolfpack?
  • If you remove a blight with the Demonic Eye on the same Night as the HoH is triggered, does that person live? i.e. does removal of blight come before the detonation?
  • Can you cast the Sceptre of Darkness on yourself? Can the Demon mark be cleansed?
  • Does the Magi's Circlet roleblock any visitor to the holder, or does it only block people targeting with their ROLE action and not an ITEM action? (Similar to DisOrb doesn't RB item-visitors.)
  • Are all potions generated by a Phil Stone, or is it only a random choice from a subset?
  • Does Enchanted Scroll activation cause a self-visit?
  • Can a blind monk hear self-visits?